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Some people see them as pests, but bats are among the most fascinating and ecologically indispensable animals on Ea… https://t.co/9Cl8D4RzXu


4 hours ago

Planet Green

Secret kingdom of 1.5 million penguins found hiding in Antarctica #WorldPenguinDay https://t.co/HrluEMWQWM https://t.co/QYEBrPLmMZ


13 hours ago


Sharks are no strangers to the Gulf of Mexico, but the 1,668-pound great white known as Miss Costa is among only a… https://t.co/051BFuG2Oh


8 hours ago

Ian McDonald

RT @41Strange: These border collies have been trained to run around a Chilean forest devastated by wildfire while wearing special backpacks…


1 minute ago

RJ Brassfield

RT @MotherNatureNet: New research suggests an interstellar traveler crashed on Earth -- and it may have been bearing life https://t.co/CYZ3…


1 minute ago

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Taylor Swift

WELL GUYS it's almost midnight and my new song “ME!” featuring @brendonurie of @panicatthedisco will be out. In oth… https://t.co/yM8AQy6PA9


6 hours ago

SINoALICE -シノアリス-

🎁#シノアリス #GWキャンペーン 🎁 抽選で1000名様に「サーティワン アイスクリーム レギュラーシングルギフト券」が当たる⁉️ 1⃣本アカウン- トをフォロー 2⃣このツイートをRT 3⃣アプリ内お知らせ- ページのURLをクリッ… https://t.co/93by9a8j4O


17 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

I didn’t call Bob Costa of the Washington Post, he called me (Returned his call)! Just more Fake News.


1 day ago

George Kerevan

RT @heraldscotland: If there was a general election tomorrow, @theSNP would win almost as much of the vote as Labour and the Tories combine…


just now

بآد اس

бельгия это европейский омск https://t.co/QmOZDL5ma9


just now

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