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Nutrition Data

I Nutrition Data finns många recept på god och nyttig mat som passar bra i påsk. Här är några exempel.… https://t.co/xd8flKfNdP


1 day ago

dr roth ⓀⒸ

@srgolfer64 @AnneWareham @yolandaelizabet https://t.co/C7b5yfB47d


2 days ago

Nutrition Data

Här kommer veckans skörd med livsmedel 😊 Salladsdressing Walden Farm, Quorn Lasagne, Kebabrulle, Öl vol. % 7-8, Grö… https://t.co/1cKYc7cD6b


3 days ago

The Natural Health Blogger

@ScepticalDoctor Nutrition data has cooked kale down at about 130mg per cup. How they can get 3 cups to get 1.3g o… https://t.co/X5IJD4OZrW


3 days ago

The Natural Health Blogger

@ScepticalDoctor A medium sweet potato has 5mg omega-3 fatty acids it says on nutrition data. https://t.co/jVM1bPnFdS


3 days ago

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Donald J. Trump

I have directed @SecretarySonny to expedite help to our farmers, especially to the smaller farmers who are hurting… https://t.co/Kth5WEVEIG


6 hours ago

Office of the DNI

As we told CNN earlier today, this story contains inaccurate information. https://t.co/cFb2q1Cvr4


7 hours ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @VP Pence: Why are American lives worth less if they happen to watch @CNN? Your job is to get important medic… https://t.co/cMxc5guN54


13 hours ago

John Kish

RT @realDonaldTrump: I have directed @SecretarySonny to expedite help to our farmers, especially to the smaller farmers who are hurting rig…


just now

brb 가. 📌

who needs food when an apple is better than anything in the world even your bf/gf #NewProfilePic https://t.co/DeBTdC0E1l


just now

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