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Anna from Secret Of Weight

Check out #NutritionData.#com https://t.co/atWWCMZsRf #90 #And #Bc #Challenge #Clarke #Data #Day #Facebook… https://t.co/1ytJLlvH7T


21 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “SELF Nutrition Data | Food Facts, Information & Calorie Calculator”

Ted Lieu

Awesome video with great facts. And for those who want "optics," this video also has killer graphics & a cool sound… https://t.co/h3BpQCfPaT


18 hours ago

Patriotic & English

RT @brogi1ster: Can any remainer that believes we will have fresh food shortages, please explain why most fresh food doesn't come from the…


just now

Rich Brown

@ron_fournier @WncRobert @JoeNBC @nytimes @MZHemingway So a half-hearted retraction of a hit piece that got massive… https://t.co/8NAYcCEibJ


just now

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