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What The F*** Facts

The color orange was named after the fruit. It was previously referred to as yellow-red.


6 hours ago

Clemson Football

The 2016 #NFLDraft was painted Orange when NINE #Clemson Tigers were drafted by 8 different teams. #ClemsonFamily https://t.co/ZN35al8752


21 hours ago

Atlanta Xpress 2022

RT @JRHoopSeen: 12U Orange: ATL Xpress Whetstone is not afraid to dump it down low. They trail 19-15. #GaCup https://t.co/2DEVIVu95f


24 seconds ago


RT @John_Gillon1: Guess I bleed orange now 🍊🍊🍊 #cusenation https://t.co/F6EvC50nJN


24 seconds ago

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Bernie Sanders

Congress knew what free trade deals were about when they passed them. They knew because it was corporate lobbyists who wrote them.


22 hours ago


.@radiohead erased their internet presence: tweets and Facebook posts gone, website down https://t.co/tUP1wZXkUA https://t.co/r9i3gmp73X


3 hours ago

Bernie Sanders

Corporate greed is a scourge on this country, and it will take all of us standing up for justice in order to rein it in.


1 day ago

Niall saves Dana⭐

Today I got sparkling wine with orange juice at work because it was May 1st and it was so good


22 seconds ago

Hisham Khreisat

RT @mashable: A popular toymaker's website is giving visitors ransomware: https://t.co/s8jWokCEyV https://t.co/hRUDeV76N4


23 seconds ago

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