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Srinivasa rao naidu

With this 33% reservation for women parlimentarian .. we could see #NBK wife instead of him .... In ap assembly an… https://t.co/TBLklGZVmX


1 week ago

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GMP City Centre

Ahead of the Derby, we've been asked by this follower to arrest anyone wearing a 'half & half' scarf. Thoughts? https://t.co/CxhCP6UE7n


1 day ago

Guardia Civil

Imagina por un momento que vas con tu perro y te dice: ¡quieto ahí! Mientras se aleja para no volver... No eres ca… https://t.co/FWHaPQx4Vg


1 day ago

Mike Levin

Darrell Issa wants to repeal #NetNeutrality rules to help his Big Telecom donors. He’s been against free and equal… https://t.co/KZh5CrzDK9


8 hours ago


el viernes no me respondiste,será que hoy me vas a responder? #JoelTweetSpree


just now


Me vas a dar bola esta vez o me puedo ir a pintar las uñas ahre @itsjoelpimentel #JoelTweetSpree


just now