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Zusammen mit @CarstenGensing machen wir Redaktionen fit, damit sie noch erfolgreicher digital arbeiten können. Info… https://t.co/0M94ozMUOk


4 hours ago


Best Practices aus 10 Jahren #PaidContent verspricht der BDZV für den Nachmittag des 5. November.… https://t.co/RlL4DgzGgm


6 hours ago

Katri Bertram

Got to love #paidcontent in #media. I was for the 2nd time this month asked to submit an article - to then get a re… https://t.co/KpJx37Uc0I


8 hours ago

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Chelsea Clinton

If you do, please use a condom. Protects you and your partner(s). Just like a mask, social distance and washing you… https://t.co/T0VTJjfFpz


1 day ago

Daniel Dale

So...in September, I had to abandon my 3.75-year count of every Trump false claim. Because he's talking so much and… https://t.co/n1OHgmVy2U


3 hours ago

James Woods

And destroy the oil and gas industry, work to repeal the Second Amendment, pack the Supreme Court, and open our bor… https://t.co/bsOWolMPn7


11 hours ago


This is what I mean by custom: I’ll ask you what’s your partners fave color, their bday/birthstone (to add crystal… https://t.co/rQddjIw3pz


just now


RT @CNN: An 85-year-old primary school in Shanghai has been lifted off the ground — in its entirety — and relocated using new technology du…


just now

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