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alis ♡

i have a question. nope, plents of ques.


20 hours ago

Aldrich Ajel

RT @irismuddy: lil plents on ground https://t.co/uKJLTOYa- Z0 https://t.co/QgBgISKNso


1 day ago

Burkminster 🎗️🇯🇪

@calreflex @quimtestar Discrepo. No se m’acut cap fruita llevat de les figues de moro que no trobi plents de menjar… https://t.co/CvTD5H0XBF


3 days ago

vinay kumar

#savecgl2017 #MainBhiBerozgaar Shocked by the government and Supreme Court that they are so indifferent about the p… https://t.co/vsNFpzjIeX


6 days ago

Hannah 🍌

RT @fishfranqz: Plents are good for you 🌿 Plents have planty of love 💚 https://t.co/VyfjV3zpEb


1 week ago

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Glenn Beck

No seriously, this is a peace loving organization. Hamas, hezbollah? Sure, they are honest brokers. As long as ev… https://t.co/iP7iy0GB7K


8 hours ago


1/ If Trump starts building his border wall, he can invoke something called a Declaration of Taking. It's like emin… https://t.co/OCBG8zUxsE


15 hours ago


NSA's Rob Joyce: The private sector now owns, operates and secure vital networks. It is no longer the exclusive d… https://t.co/DVVbEitocA


15 hours ago

Alex Lees

RT @stubutchart: More extraordinary revelations about the Night Parrot evidence fabricated by Australia's Colonel Meinertzhagen: John Young…


just now

Lex SelfMade Life

I like how we can externally link our brokers with trade ideas, but one feature that would help us out a lot is the… https://t.co/1gEUNrk8OH


just now