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Foot Selling Coach and Promoter

RT @GoddessTallTas1: Daydreaming about being a powerful badass goddess, oh wait that’s my real life 😂😉 Do you like my socks 👀 Go subscr…


2 hours ago

Alex Bradley

Words have power. It’s sometimes easy to forget that, as I work on a script or read off a promoter. Listening to… https://t.co/kUQzKTXlj5


1 day ago


@JtResurrection @MichaelBensonn @SteveKim323 Thought he beat Lipinets. But he isn’t the one signed to a powerful pr… https://t.co/RwxsZpyI5c


3 days ago


The opsin promoter was chosen to drive expression of the rds transgene because steady-state levels of the endogenou… https://t.co/LGHtL1KsML


5 days ago

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David Corn

* Matt Schlapp lied for Trump to help him overturn the election. * Matt Schlapp's firm earned $750K lobbying Trump.… https://t.co/aXslChxRUb


24 minutes ago

Field Yates

Lions new head coach Dan Campbell on how he ended up with the job: "I told my agent Rick Smith, make sure they thin… https://t.co/sQuzaT9qkw


1 day ago

Steve Schmidt

In the name of Trump. Now, @HawleyMO is disgraced. His gold plated resume can’t save him. His peer group now is Mat… https://t.co/1j5q3Q0yHd


18 hours ago

Kathleen Ostrander

RT @HorseheadsLax: A BIG congrats goes out to Matt Baker (‘22) on committing to @LeMoyneMLax! We can’t wait to get this crew on the field t…


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Cathy B

@robertcecil1608 @DavidGSmith18 @David19531501 @MattAdkin @floyduk @viv_cooper @BrunoTheBridge @tripleGGGx @geor97… https://t.co/g9YimfmKRc


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