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Sean Davis

If the Senate is serious about protecting its investigative process—and especially those who provide highly persona… https://t.co/RETrda1k2q


1 day ago

Brian Fallon

Is the calendar going to document meetings of the 100 Kegs or Bust club? https://t.co/n0jxrI9ry2


1 day ago

Diana Buttu

This is sick. Israel refuses to allow Palestinian mom to travel with her sick child (born without nose) for treatme… https://t.co/aWW2smPlUz


17 hours ago

Cis-Gendered ❌ Russian Bot

@DonaldJTrumpJr @Rambobiggs In case there it's any doubt in your insane liberal minds. @keithellison Is woman beate… https://t.co/SGjW7HUUS3


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