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Laurence Tribe

The Constitution isn’t a partisan document. The rule of law is apolitical. Decency is neither liberal nor conse… https://t.co/Kjk53H4Dnf


12 hours ago

Richard Tice

Having read the document this is true: EU have totally outfoxed our clueless (or duplicitous ) civil servants and N… https://t.co/mka7jRlK82


1 day ago

Ana Ceballos

For those interested we have updated the article to include a screenshot of the email and the copy of the altered e… https://t.co/6T8G9YCBzq


1 day ago

Labelle Maxime

RT @kimbatronic: "In his (@benedictevans) annual slide deck -- a document that many use to read the tea leaves in Silicon Valley -- Evans w…


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@Bfo5ter @j_l_marsden @P_G_Thompson @DPJHodges @SymondsSally @wallaceme @Mr_Happy1415 I’ve said it earlier: she mus… https://t.co/zsyn7oUtcq


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