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https://t.co/fa1uzTwayz パリのホテ- ルを予約しました Reserve un hotel de paris


4 days ago

Evan Presement

RT @tsnotoole: Nashville. I love you. As a country music fan, there is no better place. And the best part is I was able to earn 3x the TD P…


1 week ago

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Dan Bongino

No Joe, we’re not “scared of” you. I’m not sure anyone is really scared of you. But, we are scared that opportunist… https://t.co/TerW7i0xhJ


6 hours ago

Ann Coulter

He promised an immigration moratorium. 1st Trump Policy Paper, Aug 16, 2015. The greatest political document since… https://t.co/buJFBOMHdk


22 hours ago

Mother Jones

This document now compiles 395 days of authoritarian behavior by Trump. Reading through it is chilling… https://t.co/Z68BVJ4upU


11 hours ago

Laura Rozen

RT @twpolk: @lrozen https://t.co/UXfwKiTSzE


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