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Myron Medcalf

Random thought after a convo with a former player. Does Arkansas basketball have the most underrated fan base in Am… https://t.co/ZqnyCn4gCk


2 days ago


시끄러워요, 유이치씨. -Erin Turner


46 minutes ago

Mì; 🏳️‍🌈

Bho ma sta cosa di Kat e Adena che hanno una relazione aperta perché Kat ha bisogno di "esplorare" È UNA CRETINATA… https://t.co/t6pTLBPke0


53 minutes ago


RT @sandryyyyyyyy: vcs sabiam q o Twitter é a base da internet????? se vcs forem no Facebook só tem print do twitter se vcs forem no insta…


55 minutes ago

Random Mark

This is Trump's way of winning back his Base after being forced to grovel to the Fake Intelligence Community I sti… https://t.co/UY1C9sKjTB


1 hour ago

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