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Evan Smith

.@AnnieLinskey: @POTUS aides insert poor grammar and random capitalizations into tweets they draft for him b/c “deb… https://t.co/yaPMA4LUjk


1 day ago

JFB? 8ѕт. letkol koko kiel, amity

@8ANGSATEAM base, ini kita kan ngetag nya 10 orang, random kan? trus juga ini kudu banyak2an apa gimana? ntar ada point nya kgak bes?


6 minutes ago


시끄러우니까 입 다물어. -Baek Minseok


30 minutes ago

Tales of Sigmar

Two random #wipwednesday shots. One finishing off my Mourngul on his new base. And the other is the final batch of… https://t.co/9Dq2NztG03


40 minutes ago

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