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black lives matter !! lightning ⚡️⚡️

@ATEEZ_GLOBAL 💖💖💖I voted already and they said I have 47 more hearts then said I needed more 🤡🤡💖🤡💖


6 hours ago

Trent Dicks

I have raised $1045.47 toward my goal of $1000 for the American Heart Association. With every dollar raised I help… https://t.co/z3KWTcHIny


6 hours ago

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JJ Ryan

Add @BTS_twt to the list of artists taking a stand against racism and supporting #BlackLivesMatter. These guys hav… https://t.co/Vf7GmgcrcW


1 day ago

【公式】Fate/Grand Order

【カルデア広報局より】 Fate/Grand Order 5周年、その感謝を込めて。 大分×フランケンシュタイン - 「つ……い……た……! ゥ〜♪」 物語は、あなたのそばに- あり続ける。… https://t.co/m93kNo8gHf


1 day ago

just now

Sakib srkian

RT @mananahla: Vote for our king 👑 Dr. @iamsrk ♥️ #TBworld2020 Most handsome man on the #UNIVERSE ♥️ https://t.co/tczmXuC71i


just now

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