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Geert Wilders

“When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them” (sura 47:4) “Seize them and… https://t.co/WXE64OfQXa


2 days ago


@jeremycorbyn There’s Labour winning hearts and minds in Scotland again. Learned absolutely nothing since Indyref.


2 hours ago

Magic💕ポケモン with Everyone

RT @SatoshixSerena: 😊🎉Happy 3年 Anniversaire💗 27/10/16-27/10/- 19💕XY&Z 47💑 Their happy hearts express all their feelings & love⚡💕 彼らの幸せな心は、すべて…


5 hours ago

Lucky Numbers

Top Numbers: 57 44 22 47 16 56 7 43 41 33 23 40 10 54 46 62 25 60 26 20 - Tails Heads Heads - Hearts Spades - Ace A… https://t.co/nbNcLM00tC


7 hours ago

theo jacobson

RT @geertwilderspvv: “When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them” (sura 47:4) “Seize them and kil…


12 hours ago

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Quebrando o Tabu

Esse é o Dr. Fred Nicácio, médico no SUS. Recentemente, ele recebeu pacientes surdos e, para surpresa de todos, ele… https://t.co/FNwMPybtBc


1 day ago

Pope Francis

We ask the Lord to increase our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in our hearts: He who assumed our human natu… https://t.co/b4wCN002at


1 day ago

Marvel Studios

Remembering Stan “The Man” Lee: his legacy will live on in the Marvel Universe and the hearts of Marvel fans everyw… https://t.co/DWsCyv2vhJ


1 day ago

Alejandro Massiotti

"O erro da ética até o momento tem sido a crença de que só se deva aplicá-la em relação aos homens." Dr. Albert Sch… https://t.co/Py6ltMg3A8


just now

Nandabasappa M H

RT @astitvam: @yuva_brigade in association with Vishweshvarayya Technical University had organised #FifthPillar business conclave yesterday…


just now

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