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Justin Stromboli

@official_glp rigged again. Scammed out of the 8k. Get coolered for most my chips then get called all in for 15 big… https://t.co/TqEnFFeSDL


6 days ago

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د. عائض القرني

"سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه، ورضا نفسه، وزنة عرشه، ومداد كلماته" 3مرات اللهم من قالها ونشرها فاغفر ذنبه، واشرح صدره… https://t.co/pn0j3ED3Yf


9 hours ago

Criterion Collection

Goodnight, Bruno Ganz, an actor whose empathy on-screen was always palpable & whose presence in such films as WINGS… https://t.co/nK2KXmSAA4


18 hours ago

MadhuPurnima Kishwar

The same Kaifi Azmi who wrote a poem just before Partition " अगली ईद पाकिस्तान में" (Next Eid in Pakistan).As a com… https://t.co/08fK9dfe4v


23 hours ago


RT @keshiekesshh: Dad: miss ngano gaka expire mani inyong loyalty card? Ate sm girl: ay pwede lang man siya ma renew sir Dad: di man in.ana…


just now


RT @binunu_: 저 이거 더 만들었어요 내 이름은 코난, 탐정이죠 내 이름은 비난, 하고있죠 내 이름은 장난, 치고있죠 내 이름은 코난, 탐정이죠 내 이름은 도난, 당했죠 내 이름은 가난, 돈이없죠 내 이름은 무난, 평범하죠 내 이름은 불장…


just now

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