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Réver ergueu a Taça Guanabara 2018! Campanha invicta do Mais Querido na competição: seis vitórias e um empate… https://t.co/N7ac87aa6Y


1 day ago

Natasha Bertrand

Former Trump aide Rick Gates will plead guilty and has agreed to testify against Manafort, sources tell @latimes https://t.co/0S6oqTTMZZ


1 day ago

Malcolm Nance

With Gates turned state evidence Manafort will plead soon. He will give up Trump, Kushner & Trump jr for a deal. Mu… https://t.co/3rsQyp05zQ


1 day ago


Se eu estivesse c Mariana agora, ja tinha jogado ela na parede kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk q idiota cr


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