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MadhuPurnima Kishwar

Not acceptable. This is outright provocation. Attempt to make Christianity-- with its hideous track record of conv… https://t.co/gNAM5s40nA


7 hours ago

Judicial Watch 🔎

Judicial Watch released the deposition transcript of Justin Cooper, a former aide to Bill Clinton & Clinton Foundat… https://t.co/0HcYICPdmU


4 hours ago

🥝 Benjamin Delpy

I just pushed a #mimikatz update to deal with #PowerShell PSCredential & SecureString saved in XML files 😬 You can… https://t.co/IrCBKUzbEM


22 hours ago


@Khalifa029gmai1 hi khalifa my domain is MLS, but I wanna to learn (Programming language). I can do that by myself… https://t.co/qlIuQmAcAf


just now

✨In Justice We Trust✨

@QUEENYENTI_ 🥴 I’m over the crazy ways of this world !


just now