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MadhuPurnima Kishwar

And dare Hindus or Sikhs show discontent? Call for Break up of Malaysia? I know families who are Hindus at home but… https://t.co/x3WkYm1Q1E


23 hours ago

Gordana Biernat

No one else can make you unhappy or angry. You are the one allowing the feelings by choosing to react to someone e… https://t.co/qCHzIXaKHa


1 hour ago

U.S. Army

The Multi-Domain Task Force pilot program participated in several exercises to disrupt the enemy's network. Now, t… https://t.co/9R4wPO410s


1 day ago

Eco Loco bio t shirt

T shirt bio CHOU imprimé en France artisan mode éthique équitable vegan imprimé sereinement en France ...… https://t.co/AaJ8Br1dIS


just now

Edwin Hayward - 'Slaying Brexit Unicorns' book🦄🗡

Ian has some great advice. Please do, if you can. https://t.co/C9qh5agj87


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