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Barbara Boxer

"Both sides" didn't carry torches, wear swastikas, drive a car into innocents. It's not "both sides." https://t.co/SYUa2YXyo2


1 day ago

Fox News

Gettysburg Stands Firm: Battlefield Says All Monuments Staying Put https://t.co/qFhmRUZ4Wc


7 hours ago

Kimpoy Feliciano

Dun tayo sa taong kahit sobrang pagod na, mas pipiliin parin na kausapin ka kesa magpahinga ❤️


12 hours ago

Joelson Souza

@ColunaFlamengo Vejo Diego como bom jogador mais na minha opinião vi ele muito isolada, já tinha visto ele com mai… https://t.co/rH0u4PYaQO


just now

CD9 Is Love💕

RT @UnaTalAngieee: Mi buen amooor UNA NA BY LALI #CD9 #AlonsoVillalpandoTrendy #Coders #KCAMexico


just now