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@vexancomics it's not exactly the same powerset but yeah


39 minutes ago

The Wonderful Vexan

@geekyhush Reed effin Richards has the same powerset and HE GOES ON COSMIC MISSIONS ALL THE TIME WTF


39 minutes ago

Robert Burrowes

RT @yasabdillah: re: ms marvel. as long as they don't make her a genie, energy construct is still close enough to her comic book powerset.…


1 hour ago

whatever, forever

@MasterTainment i'm pretty sure they changed her powers in order to make them visually cohesive with monica and car… https://t.co/LVvhMV1rqR


1 hour ago

🔞 Chubby Doggirl Impregnator🔞

RT @StarDaBoi2: @sly_true @Tboneskylander @9thWither he still has his own powerset, storyline, and personality outside of OG spider man tho…


1 hour ago

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Jimmy Choo

Step out this season in BING: the iconic mule with crystal strap #JimmyChoo https://t.co/pQLQI- znbIL https://t.co/hQmk1Sucdt


1 day ago

Erica C. Barnett

You would think that a news organization as heavily resourced as the Seattle Times could call one Black leader not… https://t.co/CZzs5FKdwz


16 hours ago

💞💞 Mylove KJH 💘💘

RT @jung_africa: ‘QUIZ’🗣 Let's play a little bit? Quiz about Kdrama Bing Goo with Kim Jung Hyun. Show your love for Kim Jung Hyun by partic…


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