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@vormirsmaximoff @AbraBonnie @94beyond @lizzieollxen she used magic without incantation as a 10 year old child to s… https://t.co/MxcaFRB2Pm


6 minutes ago

Mauricio 🇲🇽⊗🏳️‍🌈

@franklinsherald And the Ms Marvel directors apparently said her abilities might change overtime so what she has no… https://t.co/NmM78NxOB7


1 hour ago

The Slime Witch Renari

@eeveeauramgold Definitely Glaceon due to how icy my powerset can be. Or Vaporeon due to being very liquidy as a slime~!


2 hours ago


RT @EpithetErased: You might be surprised to learn that Mera's "Creativity" stat is as high as it is, but it takes a lot of know-how to tur…


4 hours ago

Shrikedan (On Semi-Hiatus)

RT @Th3VProducti0ns: @StrikeFreedom0A More like her second powerset aside from Magical Girl powers.


7 hours ago

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Trung Phan

Satya Nadella is about to deeply integrate GPT with Bing. Create the best search engine. Beat Google. And then get… https://t.co/dqea00E0wm


1 day ago

Auschwitz Memorial

6 December 1883 | A German Jew, Otto Leo Bing, was born in Cologne. He lived in Norway. Deported to #Auschwitz in… https://t.co/DEHtDzyR1O


8 hours ago

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