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It’s took 12 chapters before we get an end-of-chapter tease of what Sanji’s powerset is. Which doesn’t seem like… https://t.co/f5ZRrYaHQR


15 hours ago

15 hours ago

Rev. Bryan Young

The number of powers you have are random too. Could have a full powerset like Superman or only have one ability


15 hours ago

Will Walker

@ArkNazo Enhanced strength, speed and physiology. Basically Captain America’s powerset.


16 hours ago

🌺 Hibiscuits 🌺

Her powerset basically involves being able to enter the dream realm and jump between it + the real world to fix pro… https://t.co/rEInUFvQpc


19 hours ago

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Howard Fineman

.@realDonaldTrump, in his crazy mind, thinks he’s a Borsht Belt comic. “I’ve never been involved in models (pause).… https://t.co/UTF4hIls75


15 hours ago

Spencer Ackerman

They expect you to believe they relieved Capt. Crozier for Disrespecting The Bing https://t.co/NWHoGyEYRU


1 day ago

just now

just now