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Rasmussen Reports

Most Voters Share GOP Concerns About ‘Botched’ Arizona Election https://t.co/M3aNJP- fuez https://t.co/leKctE87eF


23 hours ago

Rasmussen Reports

'You had a @Rasmussen_Poll that found (nearly) half of Democrats wanted to put someone like me in a government camp… https://t.co/9CDWkqKL2s


1 day ago

Rasmussen Reports

55% of voters disapprove of Joe Biden today: https://t.co/K0PyR8N3G- M #BIDENAPPROVAL Sponsored by @mattpalumbo12 a… https://t.co/DNwqiKRWjn


20 hours ago

Top Enterprise Architect & System Engineer

Woke is the "wrong track", stop the hatred. https://t.co/DgYDkvg4- sT


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Gerald Landry

RT @Rasmussen_Poll: Majority Support Chinese Protesters https://t.co/14wD- 5PlX0X Sponsored by Human Events https://t.co/roYL868I5B https:/…


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Occupy Democrats

BREAKING: Donald Trump enters full panic mode as the U.S Treasury Department FINALLY delivers six years of his tax… https://t.co/uMC5dwNn2x


18 hours ago

Ing. Aquiles Córdova Morán

Buenos días. Te invito a leer mi opinión semanal: Lucha salarial obrera, freno a la crisis. "La independencia y la… https://t.co/17UoYB8nmq


1 day ago

Jerome Polin Sijabat

hahahihi in public ngeluh di twitter huhu in private


17 hours ago


RT @weatherchannel: The threat of severe weather will linger in the South this morning after more than 20 reports of tornadoes in the regio…


just now

steven adams

RT @kylenabecker: Now that we know from seroprevalence data there was near-universal exposure to SARS-CoV-2, we can state with confidence t…


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