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Bill Mitchell

PLEASE SCHIFF-FOR-BRAINS, DO IT ANYWAY - Only 29% Favor Democratic Probe of Trump If Mueller Finds Nothing - Rasmus… https://t.co/MARMYMv8BD


2 days ago

Rasmussen Reports

ICYMI: A Strong Net-Approval Week For President @realDonaldTrump Mon 52%, Tue 50%, Wed 50%, Thu 50%, Fri 50%… https://t.co/L7nSlQsOWj


1 week ago

Tammy Bruce

I"ll just put this right here... "Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 50% o… https://t.co/1lKoZJ5Una


1 week ago

Wool Chuckerly

#feinstein Polar-opposite narratives from the same party - joy to watch. Thanx Dems - 2020 becoming a landslide-b… https://t.co/1pQrRJq7an


44 minutes ago

Wool Chuckerly

@socalledsaul I'd like to thank them for setting-up a 2020 Trump landslide.. The party is HOPELESSLY divided - mor… https://t.co/FCXL7ZvCko


1 hour ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

Anyone think @realdonaldtrump would get the same treatment or even any benefit of the doubt? FBI’s top lawyer beli… https://t.co/IhYkdmjHk6


1 day ago


RT @rdescagita: One of the major reason why I, as a woman in the workfield myself, hates to commute using public transport. This kind of th…


just now

Cleanup Tamil Nadu

RT @indsancoalition: Taking opinion of Media on what issues should be discussed for knowledge sharing & in order to have a change in societ…


just now

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