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Dominic Cavendish

Couldn’t Saatchi & Saatchi be brought in to make “EU vassal state” sound like the next big thing?


1 week ago

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나는 로빅이다. 뮤지컬 <엘리자벳> 첫 공연을 멋지게 마친 #레오 요원의 모습이다. #택토드_첫공연_수고했어🌟 #빅스 #VIXX #LEO #정택운 #엘리자벳 #토드 #죽음 https://t.co/yRTlCBS2kd


1 day ago

Mari Montes ⚾️

Leo Alí Rodriguez Araque y pienso en las familias desalojadas de los Semerucos y los empleados de PDVSA a quienes l… https://t.co/qRi2UuhNFt


1 day ago

Paul Joseph Watson

Police officer stabbed by a knife-wielding man reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Brussels. Motive unknown. https://t.co/L5NsoN- m7Zr


1 day ago

Caio Murillo 💪

@vodkacomsuco Tem um 24hrs no Perfil Oficial do Léo, e tem o de João que já tá no Final


just now

Jolly Anon 🎄

Trust that you can feel confident and competent with a skill o... More for Leo https://t.co/VERBr451RW


just now

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