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1:40am hungry so samyang it is. Like as if i dont have a 7am shift later


1 day ago


Apparently all my sisters are still awake so we’re going to make samyang. It’s a samyang party!


1 day ago


Lol i realized i haven't been eating well and didn't had anything for today... Agsjfjfkgkg so samyang it is


1 day ago

Don Angelo Buena

@bonburdeu pass by my house I got a lot of Samyang. It's nowhere near it but I have waaaay too much because of bad life choices lol


3 days ago


@pineabeel @Nrqmhdzd charge her $10 per packet u become $10 richer fr every packet she consumes + if she overdoses… https://t.co/vit0hNMRQf


1 week ago

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laura boldrini

.@FedeAngeli in aula per testimoniare contro due esponenti del clan #Spada di #Ostia ha detto: "Hanno provato a pri… https://t.co/rkdwP9y7a4


3 days ago

Tancredi Palmeri

Per chi mi aveva chiesto anche un’immagine con la linea, eccola andata ieri in onda su beIN: il gol annullato a Isc… https://t.co/TxnnPSl3Wl


1 week ago


RT @il__filosofo: @vighicarlo @arte_pensiero @isidemoni @patriziabaldan1 @carolinasanter1 @DemoFranca @eurios @beigua1962 @RosamariaNoia @d…


3 minutes ago

ozio ad oltranza

Nonostante siamo su un social network cerchiamo di apparire in un certo modo, solo per dare un a bella immagine di… https://t.co/IQVokrY2Bf


8 minutes ago

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