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Vikas Pandey

This @theskindoctor13 was one of the most non abusive, clean humour account and Twitter suspended him unfairly as i… https://t.co/xIqZRD8AS7


1 day ago

Amrita Bhinder

Why has @theskindoctor13 account been suspended? Because it did lots of comics format, fun stuff on Congress? Ne… https://t.co/ertnfFlxed


2 days ago

Anshul Saxena

This Man @VORdotcom is abusing PM of India, CM of Maharashtra. He also abused People of UP and Bihar. He insulted o… https://t.co/2FBR1xyxz1


2 days ago

laura (#savelucifer🔥)🌺

RT @jillybobww: WOMAN ON TWITTER: Another story of a man who killed b/c women rejected him. And you wonder why we're angry & afraid. MAN O…


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