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Mark Dice

Replace "White" with "Black" and this account would be suspended permanently. But anti-white racism runs rampant… https://t.co/TkEmkqpZsf


23 hours ago

Pat Condell

I buy from most of these companies, but I intend to boycott them if they stop advertising in the Daily Mail. Meanwh… https://t.co/Oc4jhdbsRW


1 day ago


RT @jinustinks: Im sure you all know by now but my old account @Jinusenpai was suspended for things id never done. Everyone has done so mu…


5 seconds ago

Casey Spivey

RT @beccaheckyea: Q: Hey Bec, why did your old account get suspended? A: I tweeted about smashing the patriarchy and someone looked up and…


6 seconds ago

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