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Tarkan 🐾

RT @Bunaldimleon: Birazdan ağır konuşucam küfür falan şimdiden söri


21 hours ago

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State senators grow up to be Presidents. #PresidentsDay2018 https://t.co/RzWGMTollh


18 hours ago

Laurence Tribe

I strongly favor the #DeterAct proposed by Senators @VanHollenForMD & @marcorubio to impose severe non-waivable san… https://t.co/KlEbnDALog


22 hours ago

casey snow

@nytopinion No, just no. Vent, March, dismantle the power that NRA has by grabbing certain R- senators by their bal… https://t.co/Qjx3SAwDtH


just now

Jack Bauer

RT @mike_Zollo: Do you realize what 8 republican senators voted for today? Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham voted for unlimited mass amnesty t…


just now

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