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John Rentoul

72% of Leavers say they would still support Brexit if NHS damaged https://t.co/19tVGlAqeD


5 days ago

Mike Glenn

My latest piece in the HouChron. Do me a solid - read it & retweet it. I’ll dance at your wedding and/or bar mitzva… https://t.co/NMs4HfmhP2


2 days ago


Love #IceFishing? Always make sure there are at least 4 inches of solid ice before walking on it. Learn how:… https://t.co/PGcKl7vrJ9


6 days ago

freddy fernow

The World's Smallest Solid Black Or White 'Pure Hell' Jigsaw Puzzles https://t.co/1QDd4Jpj6q https://t.co/cgLkl1jW0O


1 minute ago


The World's Smallest Solid Black Or White 'Pure Hell' Jigsaw Puzzles https://t.co/1yUlDXoCH7 https://t.co/eL7mdsNuoa


1 minute ago

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Jesse Ferguson

Read this. Trust me. This is where we are. And the President and Congress wants to do nothing about it.… https://t.co/iu1GDZ20u6


1 day ago

David Frum

President Trump not a believer in the “never let them see you sweat” theory of crisis management


1 day ago

Shaun King

We are absolutely at the point where we must boycott any corporation doing business with the NRA.


18 hours ago

Barão de Itararé

Sergio Colibri, da @RaBrasilAtual, é presença confirmada em nosso Curso Nacional "A Comunicação Para Enfrentar os R… https://t.co/jBCChnBIH3


just now

just now

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