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Secret #709: One time many years ago I got upset with God and tossed the Torah on the ground. And the moment after… https://t.co/67zvACFtXy


43 minutes ago

Book of Katherine

You see, the Torah, which includes Exodus, didn't say, "These are the names of the *Jews* who went to Egypt..." Nop… https://t.co/7GtNrVZxJp


23 hours ago

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Robert Reich

Cut taxes on the rich and the money disappears into offshore tax havens. It doesn’t trickle down, it surges out.… https://t.co/xWol0GZOLn


1 day ago

Dan Rather

On #EarthDay let’s create a photo album for our miraculous and beautiful home. I’ll go first. Maybe we can "spruce… https://t.co/0F3OkFGGzE


17 hours ago


Love the land we call home #EarthDay https://t.co/k9J8YYIUGJ


1 day ago

chacha⁷ pt²🌻🌙kinda ia📚

sending my prayers to all the crews of KRI Nanggala 402 and their families. hopefully all the crews can be found an… https://t.co/8I0tolJ85t


just now


RT @taeyeweon: haechan’s hint about taeyong - he likes being at home - he knows how to decorate his room - he likes staying in his room - a…


just now

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