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Congress Sevadal

A new company close to Modi and BJP with just 15,000 in cash bags a large contract of a flagship loan scheme. They… https://t.co/P2e5swbDrn


5 days ago

FBI Charlotte

The Lumberton Police Department & the FBI ask you not to spread rumors on social media about the search for Hania A… https://t.co/Dt9rKA3Ih6


1 week ago

Legal Defense Fund

THREAD: Without the help of these community leaders, voters would not know where to vote on Tuesday. All day they s… https://t.co/YBlp2egakJ


1 week ago

Stewardship Financial Counsel

By redirecting a portion of your spending money into savings on a regular basis, you’ll quickly overcome the stress… https://t.co/8CDZ0JhEmH


56 seconds ago


To redirecting outside negative energy. Not letting it affect me so heavily https://t.co/y7r9J0WSv2


11 minutes ago