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Barbara Kleenwod

@ZwitscherListe https://t.co/kAdoOpwvoS Habe was gefunden ...


20 hours ago

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Scott Dworkin

BREAKING: Trump paid $2 million for a “hospital bill” for Otto Warmbier to get him released. Might as well have bee… https://t.co/BANvukWGPt


13 hours ago

Citizens for Ethics

NEW: Charles Rettig is Trump’s hand-picked IRS Commissioner who is supposed to release Trump’s tax returns. He make… https://t.co/5jTScSj8yd


17 hours ago

Arthur Schwartz

“Biden has been running for president & losing since the ‘80s . . . Biden’s fingerprints are all over foreign poli… https://t.co/9oc4KoQCJZ


20 hours ago


Heute bekomme ich dieses Miss You, nicht aus den Augen. Es ist doch erst Freitag! https://t.co/NMw6LwAdVY


just now

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