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/ ㊗️フォロワー様50万人達成! \ いつもガストのツイ- ートを見てくださる皆さまへ感謝を込めて、お食事券500円分- を期間中毎日5名様にプレゼント🎁 ■応募方法 ①@gus- to_official をフォロー ②この投稿を2/23… https://t.co/sSJ6pNS0es


5 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

Hey @KamalaHarris you were quick to denounce a fake hate crime hoax that was debunked Mind denouncing this attack… https://t.co/99ut7lLOYl


15 hours ago

Alícea, com "e" e acento no i

RT @DinahJHBrasil: 🎶 “I'm a bad chick I need a bad one w/me Work from home, but he gon stay up w/me No sleep tonight, yeah you know what I…


just now

Dani Gonzalez🦋

RT @megannlizziee: combining my love for art & edm all in one 🤞🏼✨💜 •these are all for sale ! dm me for pricing• ✨even if you don’t want one…


just now

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