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1 hour ago

Facu Igua

@DeadSlugg @dylandhome @ixion978 @karanssh @WJacky101 Tencents business model is milking their games as much as pos… https://t.co/MXw9IEKG2i


4 hours ago


@Badpak @byegates Yes.. I still hold some HUYA.. but I am more comfortable with Tencents.. overall 20% exposure to… https://t.co/OxJPaFZQkk


9 hours ago

Björn Jeffery

@max_eyr I’m sure that would optimize things actually. And they are relatively focused on certain sectors already.… https://t.co/hh7qeHW521


12 hours ago

tim maia

pra brinca d cara ou coroa https://t.co/zIJ4Kk7aBQ


18 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “tencents.de”

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