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Ms. MG

@Tesco When trying to renew car insurance I'm being asked to fill in a pdf form and send it back. Not an easy task… https://t.co/JZGHtaYRjz


5 hours ago

Tracey OTRB🌈🌈🌈🌈🔯No DMs

@schnauzer_ziggy @lil_mmac Personally I recommend Tesco pet insurance, I had them Several years ago , Never had an… https://t.co/oZaqu4J8kR


1 day ago

Emma McDowell

Hi @Tesco. Why would our pet insurance have gone up by more than £20 p/m for our dog whom we have NEVER claimed for… https://t.co/HiDwm3OQX9


2 days ago

Tim Leech

great day for the children in our Final day week 2 of our acadmey big thanks to our sponsors on the day Costcutter… https://t.co/4LZNO4wVxq


2 days ago

Glasgow Watch

RT @ShauniMcTaggart: Paid @Tesco for pet insurance for 2 dogs for 6 years and because we have to claim for one of them every 2 months they…


3 days ago

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Andy Slavitt @ 🏡

Pandemic response: Cut unemployment benefits Defund Medicare Cut millions off of insurance coverage Cut Social Sec… https://t.co/hVcyScg8ZG


1 day ago

Kamala Harris

87 days left until Election Day. That’s 87 days to make a difference. 87 days to phone bank. To get people register… https://t.co/rQR7oSVLiv


1 day ago


PM Modi Sends Rs 17,100 Crore Into Bank Accounts Of Over 8 Crore Farmers https://t.co/orLvT9lndt


1 day ago

Angel Marie

Bruh. It TWO grown adults don’t have $400 in a bank account, savings account, credit card, something to come up wit… https://t.co/f4gxuHbTZP


just now

नरेश सहारण

RT @BimalJaalan: @IDBI_Bank Net Profit reported for Q1-21 is ₹ 144 crore as against loss of ₹ 3,801 crore for Q1-20. Net Profit for Q1-21 h…


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