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Dangerous Dave 🔱🇬🇧✈️ 🏎️👻🥞

Just got my car renewal insurance from @tescobankhelp. Gave my wife (also with Tesco!) my old Peugeot 407 & bought… https://t.co/pIXLNCfPIo


4 hours ago


@__Reenz Hi Irene. If you've contacted us previously then your details should have been taken and passed to our ins… https://t.co/r1ySvrkx6Z


10 hours ago

Irene Akladious

@Tesco for the last two weeks I've been emailing you to take #corporateresponsibility for one of your vans that sma… https://t.co/cZQ739Rmpk


10 hours ago

Nigel Le Gresley

@Arron_banks @Conservatives @nadhimzahawi Quite right. I have just changed my home Insurance to Tesco from Direct L… https://t.co/fR570zx7ir


12 hours ago

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Charlie Kirk

September 2nd, 2016: Lisa Page to Peter Strzok: "POTUS wants to know everything we are doing" Barack Obama knew a… https://t.co/CXokpdlGWs


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

The Hatch Act bars federal employees from engaging in political activity Democrats are trying to use it to silence… https://t.co/OPxlzukTOp


1 day ago

Patrick Beverley

Never personal just business..........


21 hours ago

Svea Elske

@rickwtyler OK Rick thanks for letting me know. This is one reason why I enjoy following you. Your comments are tho… https://t.co/AjdNKayqZ1


just now


RT @yucho_pay: 【19にちめ/30日間】 #ゆうちょPay 公式Twitter フォロー&リツイートキャンペー- ン 第2弾実施中‼️ 🥐#サンマルクカフェ   #ギフトチケット 500円☕️が 抽せんで2,000名さまに🎁 📱応募方- 法📱 ①@yucho_pay…


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