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Andy Slavitt @ 🏡

10. Call on American companies & philanthropists to do what it takes. 11. Create a national testing leadership team… https://t.co/VG0zAFblbB


6 days ago

Peter WT Pisters, MD

I outlined how essential crisis communication is in today's President's Advisory Council. Our approach is defined b… https://t.co/4Fc2hBSJzG


5 days ago

Democratic Alliance

Now that our economy has been downgraded to junk status by Moody’s, there seems to be some fresh realisation from t… https://t.co/SEf6CVVAEh


1 week ago


@Lambent_Lucky @dlcarr17 @CrimsonGOW I sent a team request but read my note and if it’s a problem I totally underst… https://t.co/vMIzfu2Z8U


just now

Julio Rebull

A good read. If you want your team members to go outside and beyond their formal roles you must first have a transp… https://t.co/oskVkJtcEJ


45 minutes ago

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@_donalphonso Die Privatisierung des Gesundheitswesens war ja primär eher ein neoliberales Projekt. Sozialisten hät… https://t.co/9GVJX0W7pS


1 day ago

Lady Eden Song™

Das Projekt @eden_lady und @WorldCatsPower wird zum Zeitpunkt einer Klarnamenpflicht eingestellt jeden falls auf Tw… https://t.co/rPohvoC0iU


3 days ago

Sascha Zbinden

Es trifft mal wieder den falschen. Dass ein grossartiges Projekt wegen einem Stellvertreter-Konflikt eingestellt w… https://t.co/ThXoOUtrow


3 days ago