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Gabriel Sherman

Fear over impeachment grows in Trumpworld. Sources close to Trump legal team shocked by how powerful Dem arguments… https://t.co/auCTClVxj9


9 hours ago

Anthony Breznican

Bill Murray is *definitely* in the new Ghostbusters movie. I know because he made me wear a proton pack when I vis… https://t.co/823Fu4PHYc


1 day ago

Jon Cooper 🇺🇸

Sorry, Seniors: Trump Casually Confirms Medicare Is on the Chopping Block 🔪 https://t.co/xn0YrG7GDk


2 days ago


RT @CosmeticallyMe: It Sure Sounds Like the White House Threatened to Decapitate Senators Who Vote Against Trump https://t.co/paYYUw7H3P vi…


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Liz Smith🌊

RT @joefaz: Is the WH literally threatening to decapitate lawmakers & place their heads on spikes as a warning? The threat is more of witne…


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Seth Abramson

BREAKING NEWS (at CBS NEWS): Trump Camp Threatened Jurors at His Impeachment Trial That Any One of Them Who Voted A… https://t.co/YXuMLcifr9


14 hours ago

BigHit Entertainment

[기사] #BTS, Diplo & More to Join Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus in a 'Grammy Moment' Rendition of 'Old Town Road' https://t.co/1Ik17iSIFu


1 day ago

Seth Abramson

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: We now have tapes of Trump's involvement in the plot to baselessly remove Yovanovitch from off… https://t.co/fet14wFVAc


11 hours ago


RT @tcy79: 政教分離に甘々で来たツケが出ている。 民間企業なら絶対通- らない 安倍事務所の「怪しい領収書」 - ライブドアニュース https://t.co/t9xbsYwCxT


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𝚓𝚑𝚊𝚎𝚕 .

RT @luvekth: bang pd: join bighit entertainment jungkook: no bang pd: you will be a well known artist jungkook: still no namjoon: hey p…


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