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The Gauteng Public Servant

@fawu_media @Abramjee If these lay offs continue, let the workers protest with their votes and fire the ruling part… https://t.co/BfTy96SE51


5 days ago


RT @jlblueskies: @EdKrassen Everything trump does to set us back can be undone. #VoterPower


1 week ago

Joanne RN

@EdKrassen Everything trump does to set us back can be undone. #VoterPower


1 week ago

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Washington Monthly

If @NextGenAmerica helps Democrats win in November, it will be partly because they're directing a lot of human powe… https://t.co/5ernP0kYra


13 hours ago

Indivisible Guide

Republicans know they’re in trouble heading into November’s midterm elections - and they’re desperate to hold on to… https://t.co/rIzs7MtzwT


1 week ago

D. Wayne Radcliffe

And here is a TYPICAL example of #RightWingNutJob voter suppression tactics in action. There’s nothing the right w… https://t.co/c9HyBZEoXv


8 minutes ago

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