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Rights & Reforms

@sgurumurthy Country must build up #VoterPower to clean up dirty politics


6 days ago

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Democracy Now!

.@RevDrBarber on the new Poor People's Campaign: "We have an impoverished democracy, which is why we have to have m… https://t.co/sCtcq52enK


1 day ago

Chelsea Handler

The Supreme Court ruling that people who haven’t voted in past elections can have their names purged from voter reg… https://t.co/Cak5FlJwZP


5 days ago

Rashad Robinson

This is not democracy. This is an attempt to erase the voices of millions of Black voters who vote infrequently, al… https://t.co/ItIH861u0f


6 days ago


@ColinFiery @Andrew_Adonis I think you mistake me for a Tory voter,Im merely pointing out that MPs already have the… https://t.co/ytbVcuHe0E


just now

Ann Marie Finn

RT @DemRedistrict: President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are fighting back against Republican gerrymandering. It's time to end u…


51 seconds ago

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