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Saima Yaseen

@EimanMalikPak @HabibAh18297195 100% right sis.. Infact in case of sacrifices the families of shuhda are higher ran… https://t.co/MR8gTeSQWX


4 hours ago

Randy Ingram

@MarshaBlackburn @cvpayne @SundayFutures @FoxNews Sen. Blackburn; until and unless the party collectively calls an… https://t.co/fH091jZTaK


4 days ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Voter Power”

Sahil Kapur

The shift is driven by voter hunger to bridge inequality + four decades of Republicans raising the deficit while in… https://t.co/DJ3CY0X0pC


9 hours ago

Brennan Center

For years, vote suppressors used a reliable playbook: hype false or misleading claims about rampant voter fraud — o… https://t.co/efm8DmYsX5


1 week ago

Amy Bossom

RT @bruinsfantrev: @PattyMurray The constitutional mandate is to count every CITIZEN! Counting those here illegally disproportionately give…


2 minutes ago

Constantin Gurdgiev

Looking forward to her taking a ‘talking head’ slot on one of the major networks… because, apparently, all disagree… https://t.co/a4j8etfcCw


8 minutes ago

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