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Storheden, Luleå, Norrbottens län: Berusad man omhändertagen på Storheden. Polsien får ett samtal om en mycket ber… https://t.co/m52xIjTTLs


1 day ago

Барахолка Крыма

Страйкбольный развлекательный тир https://t.co/39jKTzxFF9 https://t.co/66kHFZ7AzT


1 day ago

Rioja Libre

La Política convulsionada con Cristina vicepresidenta - Nueve claves para entender la fórmula Fernández-Fernández: https://t.co/xfUzXZAb9z


3 days ago

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Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

These are true feminists who fight ISIS and free other women. Not Linda Sarsour who sits in the comfort of her home… https://t.co/JhvUeacFWG


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Nancy Pelosi's refusal to work with President Trump to secure our border is costing Americans' their lives: 75 yea… https://t.co/UjCOjgFicG


20 hours ago

19 hours ago


Can’t wait to go to parties wit my boo then coming back home and continuing the party in the bed


just now

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