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Michael Lewis & Friends

RT @asiasentinel: The Online Citizen (@tocsg), an independent news publication in #Singapore, appears to be about to be put out of business…


1 day ago

Suhas (He/Him) #CovidIndia

Very nice. "Jim Sleeper is a retired lecturer in journalism and political science at Yale College in New Haven, Con… https://t.co/ARY7t0xkiR


1 day ago

Adam Notodikromo

A news publication in democratic Singapore will be put out of business after having crossed swords with Prime Minis… https://t.co/7mNDNagvud


1 day ago


RT @InjangNation: Bacalah guys, benda mcmni media tempatan tak akan lapor, or tak akan ada yang berani nak lapor. Inilah dia #KerajaanGagal…


1 day ago

Paul Quibell-smith

RT @BookRecommenda3: BOOK REVIEW: Paradise Lost: Mahathir & the End of Hope https://t.co/hVH8dsrd03


2 days ago

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CIA Reportedly Considered Kidnapping, Assassinating Julian Assange | Rolling Stone #FreeAssange https://t.co/NXfpGvMmtJ


17 hours ago

Glenn Kirschner

Trump’s “All-of-Government” corruption policy exposed. Time for a sea change in government service. How about an oa… https://t.co/3uNd20AI7B


11 hours ago

The New York Times

Breaking News: Senate Republicans blocked a bill to avert a government shutdown and a debt default in an effort to… https://t.co/nWjfZJtOEy


5 hours ago


RT @sahilkapur: NEWS: Speaker Pelosi tells Democrats that circumstances have changed and that infrastructure cannot wait for the mega-bill.…


just now

Dilip Rangwani

RT @kumarmanish9: As a bachelor or a working professional, #Ahmedabad is becoming tough to get a flat on rent. There are just too many cust…


just now

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