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David Rothkopf

...he will remain there, the worst example in our history of an idea that was anathema to our founders. He will be… https://t.co/pLCoQelwgs


22 hours ago

The Labour Party

Why is the Tory health minister endorsing a private health company? Maybe because he cares more about profit than p… https://t.co/YYRC7C3w9C


1 day ago

Live Action

If there was a group killing 900 puppies daily Then selling their arms and legs for profit All while their facil… https://t.co/TdjmqyZFqh


20 hours ago

just now


RT @VirginiePradel: 🔵 L'addition risque encore de s'allonger pour nos entreprises, déjà taxées à + de 60%. En + du #prélèvementàlasource,…


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Jemele Hill

Now Smokey I ain’t the smartest woman in the world, but I’m trying to figure out how Mark Sanchez is a ✌🏾better sys… https://t.co/clEp4L1mED


17 hours ago

Joe Walsh

He was elected to disrupt a corrupt political system. The problem is he's much more corrupt than the political sys… https://t.co/XWcc3kU4tO


20 hours ago

KRA Care

@Kareythi Hi, we are currently experiencing a system downtime thus the delay in relaying of passwords and OTP codes… https://t.co/igJFxJwOlj


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Adam America (Author)

RT @AdamAmericaBook: Learn more about Victoria Albion, the beauty of the past. Buy War of the Wolf: The Complete Trilogy today for just 99…


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