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Shawn Access

Join the world premiere of the official #Señorita video at 10pm ET & a special chat with @ShawnMendes &… https://t.co/DFuC2q0k9I


2 hours ago


It’s been.... so hard to keep this a secret @ShawnMendes 😫😫😫😫 BUT NOT NO MORE CAUSE SEÑORITA COMES OUT EVERYWHERE A… https://t.co/pPd8sq1h2d


3 hours ago

Rep. Jim Jordan

“When is someone going to jail?” It’s a question I get all the time. They want to know when someone will be held a… https://t.co/zW1eavyzhJ


3 hours ago

Old Lucy

@alysha99666506 @buswellmabuse Honestly let’s not do that again I can’t go a day with you in my life


just now


Dios y los negocios, ponen a prueba mi paciencia, en la sección de Atención a Clientes y en Ventas.


just now

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