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PT Air Minum Giri Menang Alokasikan 10% Laba Untuk Program CSR dan Comdev https://t.co/V0uH0icfry


2 hours ago

UKM Forum for Scientific Studies

[FORCARE BATCH 1] Hi, Young Scientist! Department of Comdev, Forces IPB will hold a webinar to discuss "Mental Hea… https://t.co/qyFMd6m0vs


3 hours ago

zee | kinda ia📚

Ini kalau gua pikir2 tiap 1/2 minggu adaaaaaa aja comdev yg ngelakuin intervensi


18 hours ago

John Wolfe's Son

look at these ungrateful group leader and bussiness owner making comdev a soul-stressing beast arena


1 day ago

pilus rasa abon koala⚖️

uuuuu international class jam malam habis kuotanyaa terpaksa ambil kelas sore, bentrok dehh sama jadwal kuliah :")… https://t.co/InlCKtIIDj


1 day ago

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