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James Woods

I’m thinking I’ll never buy another product “Made in China” again, if possible. https://t.co/r9ogxtPX1M


3 hours ago


We've banned a pile of VALORANT closed beta account sellers and botters to free up more entitlements. Tracking more… https://t.co/cbBOtfGo0Y


1 day ago

James Woods

Thank you for the reminder. When the looting starts, always be prepared. Buy more ammo! https://t.co/ZJQBTzhLNz


14 hours ago


RT @chartout: RT 育児環境抜群の新築戸建◆駅徒歩5分◆保育園徒歩1分◆幼稚園- 徒歩5分◆小学校徒歩3分◆中学校徒歩10分◆スーパー徒歩3- 分◆コンビニ徒歩5分◆駐車場付 M#ジモティー https://t.co/9HEWSTJ6xL


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Léèn |

RT @MekOnie_: Okay benda ni ada kat Shopee dan aku rasa worth to buy ye korang. Aku paling tak suka bila tengah basuh pinggan tu pastu beka…


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