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Avalanche 🔺

The Avalanche Foundation has donated $1M in AVAX to the disaster relief efforts, organized by @haluklevent, for the… https://t.co/6ORPbaaoGI


5 hours ago

Chase Strangio

The following states are closing to banning - and in some cases criminalizing and deeming child abuse - medical car… https://t.co/lx8aSFjPsM


1 day ago

Brigitte Gabriel

A Mexican cannot vote in Mexico without a valid ID. They must come to America to do that.


1 day ago

$102/675 Lexi🍒 (they/them)

They won’t take an expired id or a picture of it. I’m coming back in three days like wtfffff. And now I’m sobbing in a Dunkin’ Donuts


just now

El Hex

RT @0xor0ne: Excellent three parts series on Linux kernel exploitation by @_lkmidas Part 1: https://t.co/QOg92z3lH9 Part 2: https://t.co/…


just now

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