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William LeGate

White privilege is when a single dog dying on a plane gets 10x the media coverage of 5 targetted *bombings* of mino… https://t.co/HhE4Yl3Bl7


23 hours ago

Ben Shapiro

This whole hullaballoo about Facebook isn't complicated. 1. Trump wins. 2. Democrats/Left declare social media in… https://t.co/mDBvCNWmGA


4 hours ago

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly

Have you been arguing with people on social media? If someone says something inflammatory, it's probably a Russian… https://t.co/nVPhFsnOy5


1 day ago


RT @baeefromtexas: yall are grown... if u let an app change ur mindset & views of something that's on u... not social media https://t.co/5…


just now


RT @ggreenwald: And, you know, destroying Yemen with bombs and air strikes, in the process causing one of the planet's worst humanitarian c…


just now

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