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Elegant Pleasures

Watching @howiemandel Comedy Show and can't stop laughing. Howie, but cream? What about #FreshBalls hahaha, sorry w… https://t.co/hTQxz92wPE


6 days ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Male Hygiene Products To Keep Your Balls Smelling Fresh”

Sean Hannity

BLOOMBERG: “Joe Biden went out and apologized for being male, over 50, white... Beto, whatever his name is, he’s ap… https://t.co/OuR2eQOzbP


23 hours ago

Citizens for Ethics

President Donald Trump has emblazoned the “Trump” brand name on images of the White House to sell in his Trump Stor… https://t.co/oWH8umPWdD


1 day ago

Rotten Tomatoes

The first reviews are in for #SHAZAM - currently it's #Fresh at 97% on the #Tomatometer, with 29 reviews:… https://t.co/7czSbN8fxp


22 hours ago


Usually in a vegetative state on a Sunday, now I’m actually fresh and sober once I’ve got too much energy, dunno what to do with myself


just now

Norrin Radd🌊 🏄🏾‍♂️

As a chef. THIS is why I hate getting “Alfredo’d” to death lmao MAKE IT FRESH!!! I’ll eat it everyday when the sauc… https://t.co/HoRZHaHYGE


just now

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