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Just got my @manscaped box w/ the lawnmower 3.0!!! First use review... AMAZING!! And their underwear is super comfo… https://t.co/yDv0wr7YjE


5 days ago

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Toei Animation

On this day in 1986, the quest for 7 dragon balls began. Here's to #DragonBall on its monumental 34th anniversary!!… https://t.co/ut6GWlx6FQ


5 hours ago


Scotland to approve free sanitary products for all women https://t.co/sjMqjPhQFp https://t.co/uhxnFzqmRw


1 day ago

キリンビール / KIRIN BEER

/ 新しい本麒麟、いよいよ。 一体どこまでうまくなる。 #- 新しい本麒麟は最高の本麒麟 \ そのうまさに杏さんも驚い- た❗ 新しい #本麒麟 350ml×6缶が抽選で当たる✨ 💡応募は簡単💡 ①@K- irin_Breweryをフォロ… https://t.co/GmJsERHCz2


1 day ago

Amanda Draper

RT @polumechanos: I've been hard on myself for taking some (okay—a lot of) time away from a paper, but coming back to it with fresh eyes ha…


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RT @claudiialykke2: Thomas: Alright, time to come up with an idea for a video! Roman: Thomas: Roma- n: Uh. Sorry Pal, fresh out of ideas.…


just now

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