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Kenny Meesters

@fransschippers inderdaad, de burgers zijn 90% van de tijd ook de eerste hulpverleners. Het ligt ook aan het type i… https://t.co/IHls50Pwcy


1 day ago

Tilburg Law School

RT @TilburgU: Het nieuwste Zomergesprek van Studium Generale staat online. @ConnyRijken01, hoogleraar Mensenhandel en Globalisering, spreek…


2 days ago


RT @panosdelimatsis: Less than a month to submit your paper for our @REVEAL_TILEC @ERC_Research conference on how #transnational rulemakers…


2 days ago

Charissa Freese

RT @TilburgU: Following announcements made by the government, @TOP_week is in consultation with e.g. @gemeentetilburg and @TilburgU on the…


2 days ago

Toine van Berkel

RT @TilburgU: Following announcements made by the government, @TOP_week is in consultation with e.g. @gemeentetilburg and @TilburgU on the…


2 days ago

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Dinesh D'Souza

Trump is quite obviously smarter than Obama. Obama made all his money through leveraging his government positions.… https://t.co/JwRAKZUH2w


14 hours ago

Secretary Pompeo

Today, the U.S. is designating 11 individuals responsible for the erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy. We will not stan… https://t.co/XszlFCmmsL


1 day ago

Jim Acosta

Statement from Liberty Univ.: "The Executive Committee of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees, acting on behalf… https://t.co/hYptRKXyRW


1 day ago

문명한 머학생

RT @sad_lugworm: 퍼뜨려주세요 참피디가 이런 글 댓삭해서 트위터에도 풉니다 https://t.co/5tb75MSnbp


just now

KK ~(^-^)~

RT @AquariusUnite: #Aquarius appreciates good looks in a person, but what really attracts them are strong personalites and great thinkers.


just now

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