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can we also discuss how they think a person wanting a marriage, a family, kids with someone they love = white picke… https://t.co/DJPwRn6Fdc


1 day ago

Jessiesgibson - moves

@nikidemar 9 lives sounds SO MUCH like a veronicas song from 2008!! Omfg maybe a bit darker, but it kinda gives "th… https://t.co/cT7TseYkM3


1 day ago


@Writernelle it depends on if one believes the writers are telling a va love story. personally i refuse to believe… https://t.co/qbrFnUkbEL


3 days ago

ZTACK: Now Playing

Nu op ZTACK: If You Love Someone van The Veronicas! 🎢 πŸ“»Tune in op https://t.co/XYjsqE6MaU!


5 days ago

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