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Accenture España

Tras una jornada en nuestro #AccentureDigitalHub con @orange_es compartimos cuáles son los retos de la #innovación… https://t.co/JBMzrytGqy


11 hours ago

CMR & Associates

What’s keeping #insurers from realizing their true potential? https://t.co/QcHWereuUS #insurance #feedly


7 minutes ago

CMR & Associates

The Top 10 #Insurtech Deals of 2018 https://t.co/3rajHBOM8I #insurance


7 minutes ago

Accenture Cloud

RT @AccentureCloud: #Blockchain tech helps a top Asian airline make its loyalty program really take off. Peter Yen explains in our latest #…


9 minutes ago

CMR & Associates

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre – An #IFRS17 delivery perspective https://t.co/mleUknIdbL #insurance


24 minutes ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Accenture | New isn’t on its way. We’re applying it right now”

James Woods

In light of Trump’s slam dunk victory yesterday, please watch this Cavalcade of Clowns burping up the same… https://t.co/x74F1bCFX3


1 day ago

Dan Bongino

If we’re going to release the whole Mueller report then let’s go ahead and release EVERYTHING. Release the FISA app… https://t.co/FzM26R6CZK


1 day ago

Mark Meadows

My Democrat colleagues keep seizing on this line that the Mueller report “doesn’t exonerate” the President. Folks,… https://t.co/rxyQqghBIF


19 hours ago


RT @FageriaS: we’re not accepting verbal apologies this year, only changed behavior.


just now

robin smith

RT @lauferlaw: Mueller isn’t done yet. https://t.co/kQEPI60BJD


just now

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