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Accenture Digital

We're delighted to announce @AccentureACTIVE's #acquisition of Irish #creativeagency @Rothco. This demonstrates our… https://t.co/zOyHXGa0ez


1 day ago

Accenture Ireland

We're delighted to announce @Accenture's #acquisition of Irish #creativeagency @Rothco demonstrating our continued… https://t.co/6uYwGCLjfj


1 day ago

Accenture India Jobs

#ContestAlert With new & exciting developments, #WiseWednesday challenge is making every #Wednesday a fun day! Answ… https://t.co/g228RqTD3W


2 days ago

Accenture SA

Find out how Multi-access Edge Computing transforms mobile networks from pure communication networks to an applicat… https://t.co/C3Gf3o92Hm


6 seconds ago

David Daza

RT @AccentureTech: Top trends you need to know about at #CES2018 - No 1: more and more hardware is being powered by smarter software. https…


9 minutes ago

Latest tweets mentioning “New isn't on its way. We're applying it right now. | Accenture”

cotton headed ninny MUGgin 🎄

NET NEUTRALITY YALL THIS IS A MESS call your reps call your reps we NEED net neutrality, millions will lose access… https://t.co/WBcv0BS00I


19 hours ago

Entropy Physio

Great blog from @bodyinmind https://t.co/pdbs- mmHR3T Applying BPS model isn't easy,most physios feel they need more edu.We have what you need


1 day ago

Gem (Gemini)

I'm also applying the tweet to people whom are customers when you go out to fast food/actual restaurants. Coming in… https://t.co/RRBvvWsH67


1 day ago

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