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How can we create a culture of equality? Our new #GettingToEqual research identifies the factors that make a differ… https://t.co/xpN4slECLU


11 hours ago


When equality is priority, women rise. Our new #GettingToEqual research identifies the factors that make a differen… https://t.co/yi69uwHFkF


1 week ago

Accenture Strategy

The writing’s on the well. #Oilandgas players must transform their core and pivot to the new. View more.… https://t.co/l72Tg27ROQ


4 hours ago

Prakash Ashraf

RT @Accenture: How can we create a culture of equality? Our new #GettingToEqual research identifies the factors that make a difference. htt…


4 minutes ago

Laurent Gaultier

RT @khalidLahraoui: Core transformation, incremental growth, scale, pivot: four stages to rotate to the new. #innovation #FutureisFearless…


10 minutes ago

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Clare Vernon

@EllieMackin @DrJoEdge It’s so hard, isn’t it?! I know I can’t commute to Scotland but it’s hard to just let the jo… https://t.co/dlo6S42pXc


6 hours ago

Michael Kenner

@Crickhowell Inductive reasoning isn't necessarily a good thing just because of the fancy word, it's the basis of s… https://t.co/o0Waxxe6W6


19 hours ago

Tshitwamulomoni Tali

@OwenTharaga What is forgiveness,Why isn't the same forgiveness applying here.We are preoccupied by the colour of t… https://t.co/EzwfQSyHsp


1 day ago


Isn't this thever same problem we have faced hee in the US?...The problem that drove a major movement .....that for… https://t.co/uK33ueGvwm


1 day ago

Adeyemi Stembridge

RT @VOnodera: Why Bloom’s alone isn’t enough:We don't start by remembering things,then understand them,then apply them, and move up the pyr…


2 days ago

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