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Giancarlo Bonansea

Build #sustainability into the DNA of your organization to shape change. @Accenture's new report outlines how compa… https://t.co/IbX006sNQ7


26 minutes ago

Mary the Recruiter

People are re-examining their relationship with money and financial institutions after a year of accelerated change… https://t.co/R9Waf44QYI


27 minutes ago

Kristen 🇺🇸

Small and medium businesses crave connection with their peers. Learn more about how SMBs are connecting with peers… https://t.co/iEM1BCDd5r


43 minutes ago

Julio JUAN

Our Intelligent Skilling Accelerator developed with @SkyHiveAI helps public services deliver future capabilities. F… https://t.co/hPftu20WEY


1 hour ago

Pratik Bubna

See how our people power their purpose from A to Z at Accenture and learn how you can make an impact today.… https://t.co/IKRLQR4p1L


1 hour ago

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Warren Sharp

taunting and no TD????!! fine this ref then take his game check then fire this ref this is the dumb NFL going too… https://t.co/b40C3C8L3V


23 hours ago

Daniel Lacalle

When a central bank is purchasing the vast majority of sovereign bond issuances significantly below market rates it… https://t.co/fqmBLeC1Ru


1 day ago

David Rothkopf

Having written about foreign policy for 30 years, I know the laziest (& most common) approach to covering it is to… https://t.co/D4aoXdFQ5m


1 day ago


RT @karmakiIo: i don’t think people understand this. to me, clean = being put together, being well-dressed and well groomed, clothes fittin…


just now

Loveolu 🇳🇬✨

RT @kemimarie: idc if someone knows more than you. you can still speak. you can still share. your words and insights are still valuable. yo…


just now

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