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The A.V. Club

Hey na na na, BTS dropped a dramatic, battle-ready music video for "ON" https://t.co/IAg62rSZOX https://t.co/mHtkQCUTpJ


19 hours ago

The A.V. Club

Nathan Fielder is making a spooky comedy pilot with the Safdie brothers for Showtime https://t.co/TaWtm5zFcn https://t.co/c8ZtwXIBqD


3 days ago

The A.V. Club

Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans' "Blue Up The Vote" is the year's best political parody https://t.co/JpzLzVFybF https://t.co/w6lZWiRyql


15 hours ago

The A.V. Club

Wakanda fends off interstellar invaders in this Black Panther exclusive https://t.co/jTZLOO2rr0 https://t.co/4oGoxu1bBI


19 minutes ago


RT @Bora_Gom_D: 촬영을 시작했을 때 대본은 완성되지 않았고, 우리가 진행하면서 따라 완성됐다. 그렇게 일하는 건 어려웠다. 다들 "그게 요즘 영화 만드는 법이죠" [웃음] 라고 말했다. 나는 처음과 중간, 끝이 필요했지만 대본이 완성되길…


22 minutes ago

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Mark from NCT and SuperM: K-pop’s instant superstar whose writing skills have been trusted since debut https://t.co/Fj2queH2O5


18 hours ago

Sarah Kendzior

Harry Reid was the Senator who warned loudest about Russian interference in 2016, writing several open letters to J… https://t.co/14d0D9viG2


1 day ago


RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a 2020 #ECCC exclusive Drogon, Viserion, & Rhaegal 3-Pack Pop!… https://t.co/e5Sgl1J1QJ


1 day ago

Noble Drew Thomas

RT @kthorjensen: Newsweek just told me that, despite not writing about politics in any way shape or form for them I could no longer express…


just now


RT @sachin_rt: .@pragyanojha, it was always great to see your big heart & skill at work. You made my last Test special by picking 10 wicket…


just now

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