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The A.V. Club

HBO confirms Mahershala Ali will star in True Detective season 3 https://t.co/sni2C44vrF https://t.co/S4IVyUoxZf


17 hours ago

The A.V. Club

What’s the worst movie you ever saw in the theater? https://t.co/d1fU6UdAdv https://t.co/lqwzRpSEhU


16 hours ago

The Worst™

RT @TheAVClub: Kid Rock admits his Senate run is a stunt, will probably win anyway https://t.co/lSX8SgCdzH https://t.co/nilGja7OME


1 minute ago

Movies World

Coming Distractions: Pennywise speaks in the new trailer for Stephen King’s It https://t.co/8mmrFdvjTi https://t.co/AluVvXgKzq


1 minute ago

Latest tweets mentioning “The A.V. Club”

TVVenezuela Noticias

#Lara 7:18am #26Jul Así están las calles del Club Hípico Las Trinitarias al este te Barquisimeto y Av. Libertador a… https://t.co/CZoZ89AiAE


1 day ago

Stephen King

AV Club asks an interesting question: What's your favorite non-guitar solo? I pick Ray Manzarek's keyboards in "Riders on the Storm."


6 days ago

Martín Lousteau

El sábado, a las 13hs, los espero para almorzar en Caballito, en el Club Portugués, Av. Goyena 1468. #EvoluciónEnElTransporte


5 days ago

David DeMoss

RT @TJAComics: WATCHMEN is fine. It's only crime is it's TOO faithful. Also, I know its called AV Club, but raise the bar beyond obnoxious…


54 seconds ago

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