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The A.V. Club

Marilyn Manson joins HBO's The New Pope, which tracks https://t.co/4cnGQ0ZXnY https://t.co/6JorIe81rj


2 days ago

The A.V. Club

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire canceled, a scant decade after you assumed it went off the air https://t.co/XsxvayaSUw https://t.co/ZVhWV6Bnoc


1 day ago

Gene Simmons

U.S. hellscape status secured as KISS’ Gene Simmons takes over Pentagon podium -- https://t.co/oEXe944Qaj


20 hours ago

Siglov Freudivan

The Elton John biopic Rocketman works best when it remembers to be a musical https://t.co/6Ot8Z4lsA9 https://t.co/4Ih4gZWi4y


10 minutes ago

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