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The A.V. Club

Full-grown president still being a big, whiny baby about show he "doesn't watch" https://t.co/ebkA7WROXH https://t.co/KJuKAs6Dvw


20 hours ago

The A.V. Club

Cardi B forced to boot clingy ex off of her headlining festival stage https://t.co/Y5JtbljBA4 https://t.co/KotFodcGjI


21 hours ago

Pyramid Yorke

RT @TheAVClub: Netflix’s Springsteen On Broadway sets a new standard for concert films https://t.co/z4n25kuEQx https://t.co/7U5KWlQ5eq


1 minute ago

Ethan Merrick

In a year of incredible music, @TheAVClub has published its list of the best indie-rock albums of 2018. https://t.co/qHDPMahM15


1 minute ago

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