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Joe Mantegna

Criminal Minds still absolutely slaughtering the streaming numbers https://t.co/XEuyP2rnv8 via @AV_Newswire


3 days ago

The A.V. Club

John Oliver smashes through the racially biased brutality of armed police raids https://t.co/QbBcp4HWVH https://t.co/pdSN4CAkW7


2 days ago

Caroline Siede

Wrote about the radical female superhero costume design in BIRDS OF PREY (no hot pants! no catsuits!) and why it de… https://t.co/0BpYmGDfEa


6 days ago

Uchiha's Very Own 🌸⛓

RT @CALEBORATE: s/o to @i_D, @TheAVClub , @XXL for knowing what’s good https://t.co/3pIWYg4jXQ- https://t.co/QrKm2rtyo9 ht- tps://t.co/ubkV…


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Sean Taylor

Disney CEO Bob Chapek doesn't think movie releases will ever go back to the old way https://t.co/CqfZvXHHu9… https://t.co/M8RzYfjhY1


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Liverpool FC

We are deeply saddened by the passing of a true Anfield legend, Ian St John. The thoughts of everyone at Liverpool… https://t.co/kbDP6Lb7Rw


1 day ago

Dionne Warwick

Google me if you are curious about my life. I am not writing all of that.


21 hours ago

Sawyer Hackett

Democrats should just end the filibuster and then say Fred Flinstone is a racist and see what Fox News covers. The… https://t.co/MaR6ee953K


1 day ago


RT @SarahIsJustHere: So @bayern2 @bayern3, I'm just curious when your segment on why Matusch|k's words were inappropriate is going to air?…


just now

César Artiga

RT @TheLavinAgency: "Young people are the heart and soul of the climate movement."—International bestselling author @NaomiAKlein joins @CBS…


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