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Jon Lyus

So much of our early years were formed by the machine this man created. Without him and the Speccy it would have be… https://t.co/KgFSm0YVb7


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Princess Entradora

I like putting on minimal techno and entering full beep boop robot mode and try and feel my whole body as a machine… https://t.co/wmSNA7x2OG


22 minutes ago

Tracy Hopkins 💙

@SarahCrossan I have a clock radio CD player - got it as a wedding gift 13+ years ago! I realise that makes me very… https://t.co/9ID8z54jjM


1 hour ago

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NCT 127

'Comeback D-1' NCT 127 to become a double million seller, breaking their own record with over 2.12 million pre-orde… https://t.co/9XqLEcHLQk


15 hours ago


uno busca la mejor manera de hacer las cosas pero a veces la mala es la que funciona


17 hours ago


E se a saga Crepúsculo fosse brasileira? @PrimeVideoBR https://t.co/Vi6O7yGXPO


16 hours ago

Gustavo P. Forgione

RT @gustavoforgione: Ya se escucha a algunos peronistas fanáticos de Kristina pidiendo la renuncia del presidente. Bruto: El fusible es el…


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RT @paponalogica_: A vida é uma batalha e nós tá nela pra vencer..


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