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Boop 🌊🌅

RT @xMaruu11: The day people realize cTubbo never wanted power and just wanted a place to call his home and community is the day I will be…


8 minutes ago

Boop 🌊🌅

RT @Crycket_: everything moves slower now #tubbofanart https://t.co/uL2ts26Ngz


14 minutes ago

ViviBot (and Muffin)

@HexDrone8875 @MadamEcto I just found they can also randomly appear in the 2.0 update in the shop, its just very ra… https://t.co/TLNbOlqz8c


17 minutes ago

Boop 🌊🌅

@dsmpinc C!Tubbo :D https://t.co/uz8it3I1OS


28 minutes ago


//Why am I obsessed with rp'ing with Beepy


1 hour ago

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Michael Carrick was a class act as a player and he can become a great coach as well. Nothing is impossible for this… https://t.co/mP5QDAbPIT


16 hours ago

José Antonio Kast Rist 🇨🇱

Gabriel Boric no irá al debate de las Pymes. No solo porque tiene miedo a debatir y le falta carácter para sostene… https://t.co/k3e2VtVo3W


17 hours ago

Occupy Democrats

BREAKING NEWS: Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers vetoes FIVE Republican anti-abortion bills in a single day.… https://t.co/sGHn9SioO9


4 hours ago

Free As An Eagle

RT @JoeBiden: There is no worse feeling than not being able to afford the life-saving medication a loved one may need. The Build Back Bette…


just now

Mimi / (ミ・ × ・ミ)\

@mikantheorange Ppl are never happy. As a child I used to get comments on how I "looked an0rexic" (I was fit cuz I… https://t.co/PnDyri96Gb


just now

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