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Kristin Thorne

A 12-year-old boy from Medford says his dog Niko prevented him from being hit by a car and took the blow himself. N… https://t.co/T964sKvpCE


13 hours ago

Mike Lupica

Tiger's comeback can be great without being called greatest of all time. Again: Google what Ben Hogan's car looked… https://t.co/m7mW23SMxk


1 day ago


05:27 Be careful while driving along any Nairobi roads, not only kabete, this tricks are being used by car thieves… https://t.co/k8rgBVIV5x


8 hours ago

Brooke Romance

RT @springashaw: I hate that I don’t feel comfortable being able to walk from my car to class or even to my apartment without getting paran…


just now

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Amy Siskind

Just what I would have expected from Kavanaugh’s high school bae: “A car in the driveway contained piles of clothin… https://t.co/icJOGO6rGn


7 hours ago

Deion Sanders

God is more concerned with your heart than with your money,looks,build,hair,car,ho- me,social media followers or like… https://t.co/MAJYh1ZPoh


1 day ago

Sarah Smith

We need to dismantle our two tiered justice system that fails to hold police officers accountable. #BothamJean wa… https://t.co/Hss13Oq3C7


1 day ago


RT @Gabriel_Pogrund: EXCLUSIVE. Mark Judge is holed up in a Delaware seaside home. Piles of rumpled clothes and boxes of Superman comics in…


just now


i was driving home from school and i was going down like a fairly busy Main Road and i had to slam on my breaks bc… https://t.co/7DNONi9ylX


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