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Casanova Brooks

150 Bold Tips About Life, People, and Wisdom https://t.co/IIUZYstLHq https://t.co/sv7QBAX3K0


1 day ago

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Tyra Banks

These seven talented Singing Smizers made me part of their #BTSArmy for life! I can’t wait to see their careers blo… https://t.co/MxF9iYHh42


1 day ago

Ryan Fournier

We’ve had the same guns for generations and NOW all of sudden we have mass shootings and ya’ll blame guns. What abo… https://t.co/BqwlVQDjva


1 day ago

Oliver McGee PhD MBA

Retweet so everyone sees this. @NancyPelosi stood there and told a grieving mother whose son was murdered by an il… https://t.co/iCAeTTezHz


1 day ago


RT @ryliebee: have y’all ever given so much time & energy to someone who continuously takes advantage of your kindness & they leave u feeli…


just now

The Country Boy Slim Flair

RT @BigInduna: My 20s taught me to have my own life. Make my plans and people will have to get in where they fit in. Don’t stop or wait or…


just now

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