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Stop all judgment. Forgive yourself. Forgive everyone. https://t.co/JniBA- Or6r9 https://t.co/tm6GezIzJJ


6 days ago

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Barack Obama

A good story gives you the chance to better understand someone else’s life. It can help you find common ground. And… https://t.co/cDU3IJN1nq


1 day ago

Miley Ray Cyrus

I can accept that the life I’ve chosen means I must live completely open and transparent with my fans who I love, a… https://t.co/nsZXBU8q2w


5 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren

It was the hottest July on record. Our glaciers are melting at a record pace. And now the #AmazonRainforest is burn… https://t.co/3l7CLuoQf1


23 hours ago

just now

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