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Microsoft Developer

GitHub announced unlimited private repos. Read the latest at @BetaNews: https://t.co/AhHpDtQpyn https://t.co/In0W4iErc1


1 day ago

Naafiz Abdulla

Windows 10 has a built-in free screen recorder that you might not know about https://t.co/vrwzQy8MDQ


8 minutes ago

Truica Virgil

RT @acrozniros: Average cost of a cyberattack passes $1 million https://t.co/l2BisjCKP0


29 minutes ago

Streaming TV News

Google Chromecast Audio is no more. It rests in peace. It is bereft of life. - BetaNews https://t.co/gzrD8oehNJ


46 minutes ago

Edmond Kreuk

SuperTuxKart, the open source Mario Kart clone, achieves beta status with network support - BetaNews https://t.co/knXH2hOnNy #raspberrypi


47 minutes ago

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Donald J. Trump

Just announced that Veterans unemployment has reached an 18 year low, really good news for our Vets and their famil… https://t.co/iU676pPe6o


20 hours ago


【過激動画】「ちぃたん☆」観光大使を解任、市に苦情殺到 高知県須崎市 https://t.co/WeKlMh5Db- 9 草刈り機を振り回すなどの動画に、100件ほどの苦情が- 寄せられた。芸能事務所側は「観光大使は1年の約束」と返答。 https://t.co/uHRDMgbrY3


5 hours ago

❤ದಚ್ಚು ಶರು ತೂಗುದೀಪ❤

RT @Dcompany171: https://t.co/XG43JC5T3g https://t.co/XG43JC5T3g


just now

Justin as it is!

RT @KevinMalunga: This image of a quasi military state in action in #Zimbabwe.@_AfricanUnion and @SADC_News sleeping on the job https://t.c…


just now

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