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Carlo Gagliardi

Can money buy happiness? A new way to measure https://t.co/9PVCmLND6n


5 hours ago

8 hours ago

Carlo Gagliardi

Can you score 10/10 on this general knowledge quiz without cheating? By the way, my score was 5 :) https://t.co/xJP7lmyMXR


1 day ago


RT @Cruz_Azul_FC: Este día se conmemora el Día Nacional contra la Discriminación. #LlegóLaMáquina #AbrazadosPorElFutbol https://t.co/qX6JV…


1 day ago

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Act Panamericana

Enrique Peñalosa confiesa que tuvo que comerse a un funcionario de la CAR para sobrevivir https://t.co/GVfYs3Bdhy https://t.co/qogKJtS7LH


4 hours ago

The Sunday Times

Jordi Cuixart was arrested with Jordi Sanchez, president of the Catalan assembly, after the pair were filmed standi… https://t.co/9oOIlTDPvz


12 hours ago

Chelsea FC

Lovely stuff. #CHEMUN https://t.co/Bh8hdBLsGS


1 day ago


How a Racer in a Wheelchair Drives His Ford GT On Track https://t.co/CfUheu4ce7


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