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Meg 2.0 🤠

@pofudukblci kendi kendime tripler tatlıaşkım🤨 hahhahaha


1 week ago

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anand mahindra

If you ever were wondering why such a fuss over Independence Day, just ask these two people. They will explain it b… https://t.co/F2Br9loOAU


1 day ago

Randi Mayem Singer

I've been known to over pay for things, but I will no longer overpay at Whole Foods thanks do this CEO, who is utte… https://t.co/lxQN38v3N0


1 day ago

Wale Lawal

When they ask me for a special number in church and I sing ‘Somebody’s Son’. https://t.co/ZNnFkPYEll


23 hours ago

Kibabii Komrade

You can work hard and still loose. Ask Raila😂😂 #RutoThefifth


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