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gulay duranel

https://t.co/lME6CHeWSA. Ah! Birden bire neler de anımsadım! İlahi ben!:)


1 week ago

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Bleacher Report

This is only photo D Wade said he’d ask LeBron to sign and hang in his home when he retires, per @mcten https://t.co/xYo2Tw72h0


1 day ago

Joy Reid

If you don't think Stacey Abrams can win the general, it's because you doubt that everyone who would vote for her w… https://t.co/HqilZgK18Y


12 hours ago

Roland Scahill

Can a reporter ask Sarah Sander this basic question about this ‘pro-life’ president- how many abortions has he or h… https://t.co/tGEWWiAdct


12 hours ago


Gets me angry about people who ask for help with mental illness for attention, but when you give the time to help t… https://t.co/x1ZURqm0zz


just now

İnci İnci

RT @serefhanugur: #İKİZLER * Aşk'tan kaçmayan birisin çünkü karşına gerçekten doğru kişinin çıkacağını biliyorsun...... Bu kişi içinse öy…


just now