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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Tempted to do a “woman on the street” bit and wait outside the Republican cloak room to ask each GOP Congressman ho… https://t.co/NNee6UxnKQ


18 hours ago

Jill Wine-Banks

Please be careful. The GOP is sending fake census forms that ask citizenship questions. They are evading the court… https://t.co/RWvkQKHWh5


1 day ago

Rudy W. Giuliani

Please, ask yourself. How has the establishment-press already moved on from Ukraine when BILLIONS of OUR money is still unaccounted for?


1 day ago

Joshua Abreu

Mental health is a serious issues!Please reach out to someone and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is light @… https://t.co/EBSQvbSDNF


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RT @NabiHoca: @yaremeftune @Besirdernegi @hemhali @serabe_ @aytenozbey121 @HZMTNMTTR1 @NAZARI_ASK @vuslat179 @illa__lale @Hic__G7 @mehmetka…


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