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Vince Z. Mercogliano

Vitali stays 🔥... and I’m sure #NYR likes seeing him battle in front of the net for the redirection shot https://t.co/gvRiQUYUP6


1 day ago

European Commission 🇪🇺

We have approved the redirection of almost €1 billion of EU regional funds to support Portugal's health and economi… https://t.co/Yj5dw6hTHm


3 days ago


He left you?- So them the exit. Sis don't beg anyone, ew thats disgusting. Don't post that quote, send him that pa… https://t.co/UzIrmu2UsY


3 minutes ago

brianna jazimen

RT @MannySGuerrero: Rejection is just redirection


10 minutes ago

Mohit Khare

@vivekraju93 I think this is not an issue with CNAME rather you want to redirect your root domain to substack. Wha… https://t.co/0vI5ReD3HX


11 minutes ago

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