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Harp Twins

You can now download and stream our new original song "Beneath the Midnight Sun“! ☀️ iTunes:… https://t.co/ov9Tjh5Vft


1 day ago

John Schneider

So proud to bring you my new single, "Early or Easy" off #TheOdyssey! https://t.co/1engReDpxM


6 days ago

John Schneider

Happy Father’s day! https://t.co/12NeMoDc4P


1 week ago

Pastor Jason Lockard

#Live version of A Long Time Home a #song I wrote & recorded on The Jesus Story #album! https://t.co/JPwy6KmDCo… https://t.co/GuMI9cxxho


just now

jalisa champagne

RT @fatherama7: We got the streets LIT, now we SMACKIN' UP the online world, familation!!! Check the link in the bio!!! Full album availabl…


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The Senegal warm-up is even better with Ducktales music. https://t.co/4VvyxeyOC4


6 hours ago

Qasim Rashid, Esq.

Horrifying: •Undoc Guatamalen mother arrested on a raid at her work & imprisoned •Her 11mo-old-boy put up for adopt… https://t.co/cC8ioVA7G9


1 day ago

Danny Dyer

I know she’s doing well....holding her own and all that bollocks...but It’s gotta be declared...I proper miss my ba… https://t.co/bsVAZwyrtt


21 hours ago

Hana Amaro ✨

RT @shellywellyy53: We could sit in a car for 2 hours and listen to music and talk about life ... that sounds like a perfect chill date to…


just now

Sora ☆ 張りつめた胸がイタい ♡

RT @ellle_em: [Baby boomer voice] Kids today are too soft. In MY day we were emotionally abused by our parents and we repressed our trauma…


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