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Kabar Cinta

Jangan serius2, ya, guys😊. Mo Salah pun kena damprat sbg melakukan bid'ah karena mengucapkan selamat maulid Nabi. K… https://t.co/WEo5zCeVtV


4 days ago

Samuel Vargas

✅ FIFA confirmó que el sorteo de la fase de grupos de la Copa del Mundo Catar 2022 se realizará el próximo jueves 3… https://t.co/PPKBLmI1AW


3 days ago


RT @0liil12: @bayt_2M "لَها ثَغرٌ وَمُبتَسِمٌ وَريقٌ يَنوبُ عَنِ المُعَتَّقَةِ الطِلاءِ وَطَرفٌ ساحِرٌ غَنِجٌ كَحيلٌ وَوَجهٌ لَيسَ يُنكَرُ…


3 minutes ago

من روائع الأدب

@bayt_1M أَلِيفُ الرُّوحِ مُلْفِتٌ ولو كانَ بين الحُشُود


3 minutes ago


@Ghazaliiat @bayt_2M 😌☕ https://t.co/2GI4lFoWhM


14 minutes ago

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Kyle Griffin

The Virginia Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against U.S. Postal Service, accusing them of failing to process… https://t.co/NbKAvlTuPQ


1 day ago

Anshul Saxena

In Assam, a man named Arbas Khan uploaded his photo of putting a foot on a Ganesh idol on Facebook. 1. People of A… https://t.co/oC307PBBst


1 day ago

Emerald Robinson ✝️

Here’s what I have to say to Chris Wallace at Fox News: you’re never going to be any good at your job like your dad Mike Wallace.


1 day ago


RT @JobPreference: NEED a JOB? Sign up now https://t.co/rMErDJMv4h NO MIDDLEMAN. FREE OF CHARGE #Robotics #AIEthics #MachineLearning #AI #P…


just now

Hans C. Schellenberg

RT @WinterAsh12: Got to say she don’t look professional…. Meet 24 yr-old Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed who was in charge of the arms on th…


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