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The Rafidhi Jeda’ii ރ 🏴

What's something attractive about your crush that made you like them? — If suppose I have one well... I can’t reall… https://t.co/97JyKcC5Yv


3 minutes ago


RT @zainjaffery1: The Ahlul Bayt teach us that patience is the head of faith. True patience comes from understanding that everything we exp…


9 minutes ago


@bayt_1M "مِن أينَ يَا رِيحَ الصَّبَا هَذَا الشَّذا؟ إن كانَ مِن حَيِّ الحَبِيبِ فَحَبَّذَا"


12 minutes ago

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President Biden

Yesterday I traveled to Texas to visit an emergency operations center, food bank, and vaccination site. Each stop r… https://t.co/NEXtCOA2tq


1 day ago

Ash Sarkar

The right look at students coughing up £9k a year to be taught by underpaid PhD students, just to get a job which h… https://t.co/WPJPIrygWY


19 hours ago

Imran Khan

Today I visited Nandana Fort where Al Buruni spent years in an Observatory and measured the circumference of the ea… https://t.co/QHbw02JZsp


13 hours ago

dat kid

@kindredcore In that case black people can be the oppressor too. I look caucasian and I got bullied BADLY in middle… https://t.co/wbG89v3JCg


just now


RT @thomaskaine5: I'm amazed at what Biden accomplished in his first month in office. What do you think of the job, Biden is doing?


just now