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Sugadora de alma

Minha mãe achou um filhotinho de chow chow com mais ou menos 20/30 dias de nascido na rua.. Ela aparentemente tá m… https://t.co/umvUuSeQnJ


4 days ago


Learn more about our #point-of-sale integrated digital ordering solution at https://t.co/BF8E95JXdq… https://t.co/MAicP3h1DZ


4 days ago


@PatrickHaggan @marshallpruett @93Troxell @jakequery https://t.co/UpeJevN27C


4 days ago

Riverford Dairy

Mixing yogurt and rice is common in Middle Eastern cuisine, like this Persian-Style Rice with Saffron and Lentils https://t.co/5KCrnzI4PP


5 days ago

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This guy always have the best reaction everytime we came out with new album Really enjoy your videos man So i ju… https://t.co/3E964NUQTr


24 minutes ago

Formula 1

Rest in peace Niki Lauda. Forever carried in our hearts, forever immortalised in our history. The motorsport comm… https://t.co/mZO6FNBfLk


8 hours ago

James Charles

Thank you @jeffreestar & @glamlifeguru for your sentiments. I am on board to move on, will not speak about this fur… https://t.co/7yXOmdZpk6


1 day ago

Wey Diamond

Ongoing discussions about a promotion, job opportunity, or car... More for Virgo https://t.co/t5fuJ8xhlq


just now

Commander Lucas

@Yangire_Queen Lucas turned back to the kitchen to attend to the last of the food he was cooking, and pondered in t… https://t.co/gS4qeQuQwN


just now

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